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What is Spin Selling?

What is Spin Selling?

The concept of Spin Selling has been around since 1987, when Neil Rackham first published his well-researched book “Spin Selling“ on this topic. I believe that the methods described in Neil Rackham’s book still offer great benefits and I am writing about it here for SME business owners that have yet to hear about Spin Selling, and hope they might use this knowledge in their businesses.

A sales person starts with the preliminaries, wherein trust is established and the sales person seeks permission to move to the next stage.

Next comes the investigative phase, wherein the sales person goes through a series of different question types in sequence. The most effective way to do this is highlighted in the workflow in the bottom half of the diagram. The workflow demonstrates the reasoning behind each question set and the expected results, and the entire sequence moves the buyer closer and closer to a Yes decision.

Then comes the stage where the sales person clearly demonstrates the capability of the seller in meeting the buyer’s explicit needs.

Finally, the seller enters the stage wherein confirmation is sought that all concerns have been put to bed, commitment is obtained, and the sale may be successfully closed.

One of the features of this model is the fact that there are really only two outcomes of a sales meeting. Firstly there is an Order Advance, which is a green light and the receipt of an order. The second outcome is a continuation or no sale. A continuation, or lack of a clear decision, is considered to be a red light because there is no concrete sign that the sale has moved forward. There is no amber light in this model and so positive noises don’t count – only actions do.

The easiest way to explain the sales model is with a diagram, which I have crafted from the original data in the book. I have split the model into two different halves. The top half looks at the typical high-level stages in a sales call. Click Here to view Spin Selling model.

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