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Project Management in SME’s

Project Management in SME's.

Change is inevitable in any business as we grapple with market and economic forces. Staying the same is often not a realistic option, if we want our businesses to survive and prosper. So, as owners and managers of small and medium businesses, how do we deal with change management? Some of us muddle through. Others put together change management or project management teams from within their business. A small minority of smaller business owners choose to bring in project managers to help them with the change process. This is particularly prevalent in projects, which involve IT system changes and where the skill set that is needed, simply does not exist within the business.

So what does project management involve and what are the core components? The diagram below gives an example of some of the fundamental components most often seen in managing a project.

A quick glance will tell you that project management can be a complex task, and that there are considerable risks in trying to manage a change project without some external assistance. This diagram is only at headline level. For complex projects, we need to go one step further to break down the activities within Process Groups and to identify the tasks to be completed within Knowledge Areas.

This article was written to alert you to the complexity and risk inherent in project management. It does not recommend whether it is better to bring in a professional project manager or whether it is safe to go it alone. However, I would recommend that you consider the pitfalls and that you plan properly and extensively, regardless of the choice you make.

Click on the link below to read the full article on this topic and to see a full breakdown of project management activities, along with some project management tools and advice..

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