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Some Lessons in Customer Care for SME Businesses

Some Lessons in Customer Care for SME Businesses.

Customer care comes naturally in some businesses while some businesses simply fail to recognize the importance of their customers. This blog explores acceptable standards of customer service and the impact excellent customer service has on customer loyalty and profitability.

Customers need to be seen as the highest priority focus in any business. If you are not entirely focused on satisfying your customers, you may find that your competitors will go the extra mile and the customers may no longer belong to you. Good companies go to enormous lengths to ensure that their customers are satisfied.

Many businesses claim to have a strong customer care focus, but delivering on this is not easy. Unless it becomes embedded in the company culture, and people get rewarded for customer service excellence, it may become a good intention that is not consistently fulfilled in reality. In my view, small and medium businesses need to consistently deliver excellent customer service and to clearly recognize the need to go the extra mile to delight their customers.

So what is an acceptable standard of customer care and what is below standard? The answer is pretty straight forward. What we must all remember is that we are customers in our own right and we have interactions with businesses at a personal level. If you go to a local restaurant and the concierge ignores you or is too engrossed in conversation with colleagues to welcome you and your custom, undoubtedly you will fell peeved and may not frequent the restaurant again.

Now imagine that a customer of your business has this same feeling of indignation because you or one of your colleagues has not shown proper respect to them. Remember, it is your customers and the money they spend that pays your wages at the end of every pay period. We all want to feel that our custom is valued, and that businesses we interact with recognize we have a choice as to where we spend our dollars.

The goal here is to make customers feel valued; that their custom means something to each and every one of the employees they interact with; and that each customer feels warm and loyal when they complete their transaction with your business. This is the only standard of customer service that is acceptable.

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