intelligent business questions

Intelligent Business Questions

Intelligent Business Questions.

Do you ask intelligent business questions? I have been in business a long time and I have been advising many businesses of different sizes, and in many different sectors, about how to improve their performance, for more than 15 years. It is interesting to note how a point of view can completely alter the context and substance of a topic or question. To get the right answers, it is imperative that you first ask the right questions.

When meeting with potential clients, the conversation often starts with a series of questions that relate to fears of the clients. Once a bond of trust develops, the conversations then move to the frustrations that the clients are experiencing in their business. However, if the clients cannot get past the fear stage, then it becomes unlikely that I will be able to help them. Perhaps the place that the client should start is in reframing the questions that they typically ask me.

The following are the most frequent questions that I am asked when meeting with a potential client for the first time:

Top Ten List Of Questions That People Ask Me

  1. What does it cost?
  2. Do you do free sessions?
  3. Why would I need a business coach?
  4. How can I afford to take time out of my busy schedule to work on my business?
  5. I know my business better than anyone so how can an outsider like you improve it?
  6. My business is relatively small. How can I possibly afford management consulting fees?
  7. How do I find time to read all those business books from thought leaders?
  8. Why would I need a business health check?
  9. I never needed a business plan before so why would I need one now?
  10. How can I implement all the management and process changes I need in my business when I don’t have the staff or expertise to do it?

So what are the questions that clients should in fact be asking me? Click here to find out what they are and why they are important…

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