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Implications of Workplace Stress

Implications of Workplace Stress.

Dynamic environments frequently cause stress and this has implications for business owners, managers and regular employees as they go about their jobs. We normally associate dynamic environments with high tech businesses that are growing and moving rapidly in order to keep ahead of the demand for their evolving products. But workplace stress is no longer just a feature of high tech businesses.

The recession in 2008 has had a profound affect on most business environments, as financial pressures have created stress in the workplace, even in what were typically benign business environments. Even government departments must get by on less, while greater productivity is being demanded of employees and civil servants alike.

A certain level of stress in the work environment can be positive as it spurs managers and employees to be demanding of themselves and in what they produce. This may often be the greatest stimulus of business success in dynamic businesses, wherein rewards are commensurate with the effort made by employees and employees are happy to take on more than they might have to in an alternative employment.

However, there is a dark side to stress that is extremely unhealthy. Constant and uncontrolled stress can lead to demotivation and mental health issues like clinical depression. This can have a profound effect on small and medium sized businesses in particular, largely because they are typically not as well equipped to deal with stress and mental health issues as their larger competitors. Smaller businesses may not invest heavily in creating HR departments and support structures that are crafted to deal with stressed employees, and employees are perhaps left to deal with these types of issues on their own.

Remember, stress is not just something that impacts overworked employees; it has an equal and sometimes greater impact on business owners and managers, particularly as they fight to survive in competitive markets in slowly recovering global economies. Yes, the recession is supposedly over but it has a long tail that is still being felt in many businesses. So how should the average SME business owner deal with the issue of workplace stress?

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