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Whether you work alone or work for someone else, you still need to plan your working week so that you can achieve the maximum output. Writing something down gives it a much higher chance of happening when compared to just having a general idea of what you want to achieve in your head. The more far reaching your weekly plan is, the more productive you are likely to be.

If you spend a half hour just once per week reviewing last week and anticipating next week, you will be amazed at the increase in your productivity. Now add in other components like your Vision, Purpose and Values and you are then crafting your future with a strategic hat on your head. Blend in your key strategic objectives for this year and your key goals for this quarter, and you now have an action plan that embraces the medium term.

List your crucial goals for this week and you have your short term plan for your job or your business. Get down to a micro level by listing your top actions for today and for each day of the week, as well as all of your key appointments and activities for each hour of the day. Plan for business days, free days and preparation days so that you can see where the value added components of your work lie, as well as where well deserved rest and recreation breaks fit in as a necessary component of your week.

Identify your key relationships and your objectives for these relationships and write them down. Look to all of your key projects and list the actions you need to take this week to move the projects forward. Write down your daily disciplines surrounding health, development, relationships, work and money and capture some of those things that are important to you beyond your work.

The free weekly planner that you can download below is a one page summary of all of the elements discussed in this blog post. By spending half an hour each week completing a fresh version of this plan you will be keeping your Vision and Purpose to the foreground. You will see the strategic objectives you are pursuing in front of you so that you can build in course corrections when needed. You will be listing the crucial quarterly and weekly goals you need to be achieving and you will see what are the most important actions and activities each and every day of the week. Finally, you have space to review the accomplishments for the previous week and write them down so that you will enter the new week with a positive buzz.

This weekly planner is all you need to manage your business or work successfully on a day to day basis and to keep yourself and your business on track. And the real utility of it is that it is on a single sheet of paper that can go anywhere with you.

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