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Communication In Your Business

Communication In Your Business.

Developing good communication within a business may sometimes be a low priority simply because most executives spend so much time communicating externally with customers, prospects, suppliers and other market participants. However, internal communicating can be every bit as important as external communicating. Whether you have a large team of employees or just a team of one or two, it is important that you have an awareness of the benefits of good internal communication.

There are several elements to good communication. The first element relates to the message content. The second element relates to the mode of communication. A third element is whether the messages are in one direction or two directions. Communication between all employees at all levels should be respectful. Good communication starts with good listening. Don’t be in a rush to get your point of view across. Listen carefully to what others have to say before volunteering your own opinion.

Use empathy while listening to colleagues and don’t simply be formulating your next response while they are speaking. Be sure that your private communicating squares with your public communicating. It is all too easy for people to spot someone exhibiting double standards. Concentrate on getting people to “do as you do” and not “do as you say”. Trust is strongly related to different levels of communication. When high trust is combined with high cooperation this usually leads to a win/win result for all.

One of the key decisions that you need to make is how much information you are going to share with your employees. Do you give employees highlights of how the business is doing; do you tell them everything that is going on; or do you tell them just what you think they need to know? The answer will really depend on the business culture. In an open business culture, employees are told pretty much everything of importance that is going on. In a closed business culture, employees are told the bare minimum. These are two ends of a continuum and most businesses will probably fall somewhere in between the two extremes.

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