Developed by Niall Strickland and his dedicated software development team, GrowthOracle is a fully automated cloud‐based software tool for coaches, business advisors and consultants that helps you win more clients, make more  money and grow your business. It has been designed to allow coaches, business advisors and consultants to prospect and onboard at least 3 times the number of clients they are currently winning, in just a fraction of the time it normally takes to win a single client. It also improves the conversion rate and allows you to drive down the cost of client acquisition. This means that you can significantly increase your income while cutting down on the amount of time needed to gain a thorough understanding of client needs as well as delivering a customized program of growth and change for them.

Until now, we are pretty sure you have not found anyone able to solve this time/ efficiency/ income conundrum for you, but you have not found anybody as interested in solving the problem as we are.

Just think about what you are doing to acquire new clients right now and how much time, effort and money it is costing you. We experienced exactly the same issues in our business coaching, consulting and advisory business over the last 15 years and it made us determined to solve the problem – firstly for ourselves – and then for business advisors just like you.

So how does it work? Well here at GrowthOracle, we have created a tool, especially for coaches, business advisors and consultants, that allows you to put your leads and prospects through an assessment process that quickly lets you know if they are ideal clients for you. Not only does it assess the client using up to 300 searching questions, it also benchmarks their business against best business practice in 28 key areas based on their answers, and then automatically creates a CLIENT SPECIFIC detailed report that shows the areas requiring attention, as well as celebrating the areas where the business is strong.

And the good news is ‐ you can edit the report and add your own observations, based on your own business and industry experience.

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