12 Steps to Landing the Job You Deserve

Not everyone has the good fortune to be running their own business in these difficult times. In fact some of you have been let go by your former employers and are wondering how to get back into the workforce. Others may be stuck in a job they don’t enjoy and are not sure how to find one that is better suited to them. So how do you find and land the job you deserve?

We have written an eBook that shatters the mystery of how you can find the job you deserve. We provide detailed self-analysis tools that allow you to get a better understanding of the type of job that suits you and we encourage you to seek out a job that meets your skills and temperament rather than have you mould yourself into a job that is completely unsuitable for you. We guide you through best practices in relation to completing a winning Resume as well as writing an application letter that will get you into that all important interview, where you get a chance to impress.

A Mind-Map showing the contents of the book is shown below.

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