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40 Practical Lessons in Driving Your Small or Medium Business Forward


How to Carry Out a Health Check on Your Business

Simple Templates For Analyzing Your Business

I have synthesized my business knowledge into this eBook so that business owners can take a systematic look at every functional area of their business. It provides an easy to use set of templates that allows you to explore your business and poses hundreds of well-targeted questions that prompts you to leave no stone unturned. This eBook contains all of the rudimentary components of sound business analysis.

The Secret to Writing a Winning Business Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Business Planning Made Easy

Once you have carried out a business analysis, you need to consider writing a business plan that builds on your knowledge. This eBook shows you how to write a winning business plan by setting out what it is important to consider and demonstrates a few simple steps that will allow you to get the business plan out of your head and onto paper. It provides business analysis templates and tools to guide you through the process as well as a fully worked business plan sample that allows you to see what the end result should look like.

Managing A Small or Medium Business 101

40 Practical Lessons in Driving Your Small or Medium Business Forward

Rather than create a textbook, I decided to take a practical approach to managing a business and set down my thoughts and observations on useful business practices, as well as dysfunctional behaviors, I have observed in business over the past 40 years. This eBook explores what works well and what does not work at all, as you try to grow your entrepreneurial business.

12 Steps to Landing the Job You Deserve

We have written an eBook that shatters the mystery of how you can find the job you deserve. We provide detailed self-analysis tools that allow you to get a better understanding of the type of job that suits you and we encourage you to seek out a job that meets your skills and temperament rather than have you mold yourself into a job that is completely unsuitable for you. We guide you through best practices in relation to completing a winning Resume as well as writing an application letter that will get you into that all important interview, where you get a chance to impress.