Are You The Best CEO For Your Business?

Are You The Best CEO For Your Business?

You may have started the business you are now running but are you the best person to take it to the next level of success? Are you bigheaded or humble? Do you possess the skill set and broad list of competencies that are necessary to be a leader in your industry? Perhaps you are in fact the ideal person to be CEO. However, do you have the honesty and humility to examine your suitability for the CEO role and to deal with the consequences of your soul-searching?

You can never underestimate the importance of leadership in a business. In good companies, leadership exists at every level of the business but it must start at the top with the CEO. If your business has an inspirational CEO that leads from the front, it is likely that this leadership style will be emulated by subordinates. So where do good leadership skills come from? To some extent they will be an inherent part of the CEO’s personality and character. However, they will also be a reflection of the sum of the life experiences of the CEO.

Generally speaking, the best CEO’s have been exposed to working in a range of different positions and indeed a range of different industries. They possess a comprehensive toolkit of skills acquired during their business life. However, this is not always the case. Many CEO’s have started from their garage at home as the sole employee of their entrepreneurial business. Think of entrepreneurial CEO’s like the late Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and Bill Gates that have grown enormous businesses from humble beginnings.

The purpose of this paper is to identify general traits and experience such as relevant industry experience, charisma, leadership style and cultural fit that will help to establish the ability of a CEO to lead a business successfully. It attempts to measure a CEO on his/her ability to communicate effectively, strategic thinking, leading change, team building and general leadership. It also considers his/her ability and willingness to hire people that are perhaps stronger or more experienced than him/her and who may in fact challenge the status quo. It is not a perfect assessment and the exceptions to the rule as portrayed in the last paragraph will continue to exist.

It takes a pretty introspective CEO to be able to honestly assess whether he/she has all of the attributes that may be considered desirable for the position that they hold. Nevertheless, it is something they should try to do with openness. If there appears to be gaps in the CEO profile when compared to what might be considered desirable, then the CEO can hire to fill these gaps. After all, nobody can possibly have all the answers.

So, what unique attributes does the CEO in your business have that contributes to making the business successful?

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