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My Vision

I see entrepreneurial businesses as the future for many economies and it’s my mission to provide unique support for entrepreneurs, which will ensure their business journeys are successful ones.

My business is dedicated to serving small and medium business owners, wherever they may be, and in a way that makes sense for them.

I achieve this by using the internet as a primary delivery channel for valuable business information and training, high-value business assessment and planning tools, and direct access to consulting and coaching programs that meets the explicit needs of my followers.

My Philosophy

I believe it is important to stay current and to embrace continuous learning. In this way, I can keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in the business world.

Not only do I seek out the best business books and authors, I also believe in learning from the best trainers and innovators and from their extended list of contacts.

My personal favorites include Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, Andy Jenkins and Dave Kerpen

Meet Niall

About Niall Strickland

Welcome! I’m Niall Strickland.

It seems like yesterday, but I am almost 40 years in business. For some people, every year in business is nearly the same as the previous one. Fortunately for me, almost every year has been completely different.

I believe in innovation and that this drives positive change. I also believe in life-long learning and this means that life and business is never boring.

The internet has been completely transformative for the vast majority of businesses, and especially for my own business. I now serve more business owners online than I could ever do in face-to-face engagements.

The Internet has given me the ability to share my knowledge and skills wherever they are needed, and geographic boundaries no longer prevent access to what I know and what I can deliver to you – my clients and followers. You can access lots of business advice through my free weekly blogs on this site as well as on my other sites and If you prefer to have information delivered in video format, you can get free access to my YouTube Channel at where you can view more than 100 videos on a range of business topics.

You can avail of affordable eBooks, which provide useful templates for business analysis, business planning and best business practices. Or you can access my premium business assessment and benchmarking products directly on this website, without the need to contact me directly.

And if you need one-on-one coaching or consulting for your team, your business or yourself, I am just an email away!

Niall with Tony Buzan

Niall with Brendon Burchard

Beyond the Business

I love travelling and the outdoor life, and when I am not working you will undoubtedly find me in the great outdoors. Whether it is motorcycling or hiking at home in Ireland or across Europe, I am always up in the mountains where the air is fresh and thinking can be much clearer.

When I can, I travel the world and I am privileged to have been to lots of locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and all over the United States and Canada. The internet comes with me wherever I may be, and I am rarely out of touch – a true sign of the times!

A photo collage of some of my travels is shown in the slider at the top of this page. I believe in working to live rather than living to work and I try to reflect this in my daily life and by embracing my family.