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6 Steps To Create A Customer Avatar For Your Business

6 Steps To Create A Customer Avatar For Your Business.

We all have a general sense of whom our ideal customer or client is, but have you ever taken the time to describe him or her in detail? The picture of your ideal customer is sometimes called a customer avatar. It can actually be quite revealing if you create a persona with attributes, commonalities, likes, dislikes, worries, frustrations and even a name. So how do you approach creating a customer avatar?

I use mind mapping to create my customer avatar, which captures core data about the customer. This mechanism creates a visual picture on a single page that allows me to manipulate different elements, until I have a clear definition about who my ideal customer is.

You will find that if you consider your top ten customers, that they will share many traits in common. Your customer avatar may in fact be a composite picture that does not match each one exactly, but instead, it hones in on the commonalities.

Creating your customer avatar and understanding the commonalities of your customers allows you to create sales and marketing campaigns that are specific rather than general. You are now speaking to a single well-understood customer at a time, instead of blasting out a marketing message that addresses nobody in particular and frequently misses its mark.

So what does a typical customer avatar look like? Take a look at the mind map below, which provides a skeleton of a customer avatar, to which you must add flesh. The mind map is designed to ask you a series of questions, which you must answer in order to define your customer avatar. Don’t rush it. Give it the time it needs and make it feel like a real person to whom you are going to be pitching your products or services.

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There is an enormous advantage in having a clear and well-defined customer profile and it even helps if you can assign a name to him or her. This makes it more tangible and it will allow you to speak to an individual customer every time you consider or design a sales or marketing campaign as you move forward with your business.

Click here to see a worked example of using the six steps as well as a detailed explanation of each step……

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